How it works

Easy setup. Works with any website. Our instant valuation tool and re-marketing services enable you to capture the details of landlords and vendors visiting your site.

1. You select your preferred instant valuation tool layout

We have two beautifully designed layouts that we customise to match your branding and colour-ways. Each version uses powerful algorithms to analyse Land Registry transactions, price movements and other data sources to provide an accurate valuation for your visitors and a valuable lead for your business.

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2. We integrate into your website

We design beautiful banners and call-to-action graphics to signpost traffic on your website to your new instant valuation tool. We or your web team can add these for you.  When your instant valuation tool is ready, a simple additional  record needs adding to the control panel for your domain name to set it live. The URL for your instant valuation tool will be something like:

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3. We design your Google & Facebook re-marketing ads

We install advanced tracking scripts, to build custom audiences with Google and Facebook. As your custom audiences grow, we design and run regular re-marketing campaigns to re-engage traffic that has previously visited your website.

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4. Dedicated leads & landing pages control panel

The ExpertLeads control panel is a simple, but powerful way to view, add and edit all the leads for your business. Assign leads to colleagues, add notes and update the status as they move through your sales process.

In addition, manage unlimited landing pages for your events, videos, guides and more.

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Discover the difference ExpertLeads makes to your website…

Incoming traffic visits your website

Site With Expert Leads

User engages with your site by using the online valuation tool, or lead generating webpages which capture their details.

Site Without Expert Leads

User browses site anonymously and leaves site without any data captured and no follow up is possible.

Site With Expert Leads

Contact details of potential vendors and landlords are emailed to you to follow up with the potential lead or target with further marketing.